Magnetic Voice Activated Audio Recorder, 16GB one touch key recording

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This is our best Voice Activated Recorder with strong magnet and simple On/Offf switch. 16GB memory can store up to 1160 hours recording files in LHR Mode at 32kbps Bitrate. And 192 hours at HQ Bitrate It has Time and Date stamping. Microphone located inside mini USB jack. Comes with download cable, wired remote and earphones. No computer needed for playback or deleting files. We optimize the Record Settings here in the store to make sure it’s set how you want to use it. It Can record while plugged in charging. Will pick up loud voices clearly up to 60 feet.

Long Time Recording: The voice recorder with 3200mAh battery allows maximum 365 days stand by time, continuous recording for over 50 hours at high quality bitrate after each fully powered. In voice activation mode will record over 8 days in HQ bitrate mode. If used in 'Long Hour Recording' mode (LHR), the recording time will be up to 20 Days.

Charging While Recording: The voice recorder supports charging while recording function which can allow you to continue recording when charging the device. Record anytime you want. Please make sure to charge first and then start recording as instructed. 


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