Surveillance Plus Solutions

Small Business

Surveillance Systems are a necessity to making your business more productive and safe. It is the edge every business owner needs to evaluate staff productivity, customer traffic patterns, what sells and what goes back to the kitchen, not to mention theft and waste. It frees the owner up where he can keep an eye on things while pursuing more business, or finally getting on the golf course. Every small business should have surveillance, if you don't please call us today for a quote. Like marketing it will help to grow your business.

Remember 60% of all business inventory shrink is internal. Watch your cash, inventory, entrances, and production. It is all important. Surveillance video can reap many rewards in employee attention to the job. Be sure to ask about POS (Point of Sale) integration where you can watch your cash register readout overlay the video of your cash drawer being tendered, or not?

Stop by the Surveillance Plus showroom in downtown Winter Garden, we know you are busy and our sales staff will help you decide exactly what system you need. They will ask specific questions and come up with a proper solution for your business and building. We offer approved, licensed, contractors whose installation crew leader will call ahead and find the best time to install your system, such as non peak hours. If installing during business hours, they will accommodate your customers and work around them so there is little disruption to your cash flow. Once installed, your select staff will be trained on the system. Surveillance Plus always wishes to please the small business owner as word of mouth has been our strongest advertiser. No request is too small if for any reason you wish to re-aim a camera or want another camera we will continue to be of service and always there to provide upgrades if necessary.


Surveillance Plus has your solution in the commercial/ industrial business from wide open outdoor spaces including work yards and construction sites to warehouse, manufacturing, and office spaces. To meet these requirements the site will be reviewed by a Surveillance Plus design engineer. You will be provided with aerial drawings showing all camera locations and fields-of-view giving your site proper surveillance coverage. The Surveillance Plus Sales Team will ask more specific questions while preparing the quote and will always give you the best solution for your unique commercial area making sure all important areas are covered. Larger installations may be done in multiple phases.
We offer approved, licensed contractors whose installation crews will work around your staff as to not disrupt the work flow of your business. Surveillance Plus will often keep the same contractor team on your install so if there is every a service issue you will be familiar with the people. They will contact and work with any IT department to make sure all the equipment is installed where requested. IT and security personnel and any other staff requested will be trained on the installed system. Come visit the Surveillance Plus showroom and test drive center to see all the surveillance camera solutions we have available for your site.


Within town centers and public buildings the need for safety of the citizens is the key driving factor for surveillance. These townships, cities, counties and states already have security personnel in place. Therefore, multi-surveillance monitoring that can watch a broader spectrum and cameras that can zoom in when an event occurs with mobile applications for security seems to be what is most requested. As with any surveillance monitoring front entrances to building and public interaction areas are key concerns. Along with mobile surveillance devices to keep their police and security personnel in view as an event unfolds. You can also mount a live feed on your website during public events. Surveillance Plus is your one stop shop for all these and many more surveillance and alert solutions.

Our Design Team works directly with community leaders to understand the concerns, will meet with boards to present solutions with power point presentations. We can quote a total surveillance solution in phases and to your specifications. Our approved, licensed contractors will quote your installation. When awarded the bid their installation team will install your surveillance system with little disruption to the public as possible. Surveillance Plus will continue to service your equipment upon request for a year this will be included in your quote. We also have extended service maintenance agreements available. Call us today and come see our test drive center, see how Surveillance Plus can help you keep your citizens in view and safe.