Surveillance Plus Offers Approved, Licensed, Contractors to Quote and Perform Your Custom Installation

Surveillance equipment and computer set ups are becoming so intricate and can offer so much when done well, many homeowners have decided to leave jobs like this to the professional. Surveillance planning is definitely a job for a pro.

We have approved, licensed, contractors to quote and perform professional surveillance installation. They are not only able to hide unsightly wires, but by using precise measurements and optimal camera placement, can also bring you better picture quality from your system. Camera installation is not the only thing that goes into surveillance planning. Camera wall mounting, seating design, lighting placement, window dressing, and even remote control programming are all part of this task. Since surveillance planning is, for many homeowners and businesses, directly related to their computer set up, having these two areas of the home in the same space is often convenient. However, since so many home computer set ups are a reminder of work to be done, you may wish to keep the computer in a different space than the one you reserve for relaxing.

Here, a professional can be extremely helpful. Adding wiring and running cable between your surveillance system and your home computer allows communication between these two important areas, but also keeps them separated enough that your viewing area doesn't constantly remind you of work. We have approved, licensed, contractors to quote and perform custom and standard installs.

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