Do you want to know who is coming onto your property before they knock on the door? What time did your children come home and who did they bring with them? How the gate was left open and who has been bothering your dog? Did the pool company actually put the chemicals in your pool that are on the bill? These questions and many more are answered with the use of surveillance video. It is not only just for burglaries but surveillance video is your everyday home management tool. Did UPS leave that package on your porch? Are the pets OK? What happened to my ladder? There are thousands of everyday uses for video. Giving you an edge on anyone who approaches your home, or in the case of an incident, being able to play back and see what happened, video is crucial. When police arrive the first question is "Got video"? With smartphones and the Internet you can know what's happening at your home anytime and anywhere.

Surveillance Plus has affordable residential packages or can custom fit to your home. Come visit our 5,000 sq. ft. showroom in downtown Winter Garden, Florida (Orlando) where you can experience our Surveillance Test-Drive Center. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss your individual needs, and give you the best solution within your budget. We offer approved, licensed, contractors who give sincere attention to detail and respect for your home. We use top quality equipment, cabling, and connectors, because when they install the system and finish the training on use, we want you to be a satisfied customer for life, with a system that gives many years of service.
Be sure to ask about our "Driveway-Defender" perimeter alert systems and "Beam-Trip" devices. The Driveway-Defender is an affordable alert solution that notifies you whenever anyone crosses onto your property. Never wait till the morning to find out your car was stolen, know immediately if someone is accessing your property.

Come visit our store to see these cameras as well as all the products available to install. We have knowable staff ready to help you. Come see what Surveillance Plus carries to keep you informed and safe.