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New Sony Voice Recorder Stereo

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About this item
• Enhanced sound quality, set to 192 kbps.
• Newly updated slimmer design, Recording LED can be turned off in settings.
• 4GB Built in can get up to 159 hours of memory on lowest quality setting.
• Built-in stereo microphone and voice operated recording (VOR)
• Three recording options: wide/stereo, narrow/focus and normal
• Quick charge; up to 1-hour recording time, with 3-minute charge

Record audio precisely with excellent sound quality and three recording modes. Normal, Focus, and Wide-stereo recording modes give you the ability to record the audio that you need to capture, no matter the setting. An even more compact design allows for storage in tight spaces, and the simplified UI makes file retrieval easier than ever.

Sony has taken the easy search function and gave it their own buttons on the front of the recorder. This is new and it's big. The -3 and +10 buttons. Perfect. This greatly improves the ability to transcribe (without uploading) right off the device itself. That's a great capability and a useful one.
To Activate the Voice Activation: Slide the Power Switch to the On position on the side of the recorder. Then tap the Home button to get to the Settings tab, press Play button to enter. Hit Play again to enter Recording Settings. Go down to VOR. Hit Play to enter and make sure the On is check marked. Hit Stop to exit.
Now all you have to do is Hit the Record button and leave it. When you come home hit the Stop button and now you are ready to playback.
Battery Life is 22 Hours.

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