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Pro-10G No. 1 GPS Tracker Finder, RF Bug Sweep and Phone Tap Detector

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Pro-10G No. 1 GPS tracker Finder, RF Bug and phone tap detector


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The Spy Hawk Pro-10G is the industries No. 1 GPS Tracker Finder, RF Bug & Landline Phone Tap Detector


If you think someone may be spying on you without your knowledge, the Spy Hawk Pro-10G – Bug & Wiretap Detector is the best bug device to give you peace of mind. This compact device lets you locate any wireless device nearby, including audio bugs, GPS trackers, cell phones, and wireless video cameras. It’s completely portable, so you can easily use it at home, around the office, or when you’re driving in your car. Don’t let others privacy with the Pro-10G – Bug & Wiretap Detector.

The Pro-10G – Bug & Wiretap Detector is the best counter-WebWarrior, Inc tool. It’s equipped with everything you need to detect all kinds of hidden devices, such as audio bugs, wiretaps, cell phones, wireless video cameras, and GPS trackers. Whether its analog and digital recording devices. You can put your mind at ease that the Pro-10G – Bug & Wiretap Detector will pick up virtually anything that might be invading upon privacy.

When detecting Trackers you have to be right on top of whatever kind of device GPS you’re trying to find. You will see in my videos that you have to be within 6 inches and the vehicle must be in motion, over 11 MPH to before a tracking device is even transmitting. You can only pick up on a GPS Tracker when it’s transmitting.

With audio bugs the Spy Hawk will detect any wireless device within a 35 to 40 foot radius. You can search large areas and interiors in just a matter of minutes.

With the Spy Hawk You can follow the strength of the signal, while holding the Homing Button until you narrow down your search. To find what you’re looking for you must make the room void of any RF devices that you know are in operation. Things like Router, Cordless Phones, Printers, Direct TV transmitters and Hopper, Fire, Roku Devices, Cell Phones, Baby Monitors, etc, etc. There are many many things like these that are not used to spy on your audio, but will set off a good bug detector. Comes with earphones to detect in total silence. 

Bug detection, once properly trained is fairly easy. Setting up the device only takes a few seconds Just point the Spy Hawk Detector around the room and you can quickly locate any kind of wireless device.

Some vendors call the Spy Hawk model DD804. The are the same price no matter who you buy from, even Amazon. We hope you would buy from us because you’re supporting a small business. Plus we made all the tutorial video on it. Feel free to call and we can answer all your questions.

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