Audio Voice Recorder 64 GB

Audio Voice Recorder 64 GB

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64GB Voice Recorder, Voice Activated Recorder with Triple Noise Reduction, Small Audio Recorder for Lecture, Interview, Meeting

This voice recorder has 64GB of memory, enough for over 24 hours of continuous recording and storage of up to 750 hours of files. Its size is 2.7x0.9x0.3 inches, this also makes it a handy MP3 player and USB drive when needed

The voice recorder feature intelligent dynamic microphone and triple noise reduction technology, ensuring noise-free recordings and 360° panoramic recording, delivering clear, natural sound. You can easily enjoy during recordings and playback

With a simple toggle switch, it can start recording after approximately 5 seconds and save recordings by toggling the switch to "OFF/Save". Each recording is named with a timestamp, making it easy to locate your files on your computer

To minimize gaps and whispers in your recordings, conserve battery life, and free up memory space, just activate the Voice Activation feature by following the instructions. You can adjust this feature across seven levels of sensitivity


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