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Hidden Spy Pen Camera 1080P

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Spy Camera Pen Concealment. This is a very common everyday pen, with a recessed camera design and a lens with a sliding lens cover that can be clipped to the pocket of a notebook or shirt. This kind of miniature wearable camera pen is hard to notice when recording, especially when the slide cover is up., it can help you record important information at critical moments. • Spy Camera Pen Convenience. Convenient design, access to the content through the memory card, you need to go through an external device, the wireless spy pen allows you to use it anytime, anywhere. Convenient charging design. Charging can be done directly through the data cable. It can be charged by a power bank outdoors, and it can record while charging. It comes with a 32GSD card to help you access more content. • Loop recording built in the battery, can record continuously for 150 minutes. And with loop recording function, to ensure that you will not miss any clip. Enough to help you record long-term content and improve the quality of your work. And can adjust any time you want time. Select Yes or No in the time file in this hidden camera pen memory card. • High-definition 1080P (1920 * 1080) video resolution impressive 1080P high-definition video quality, support AVI format, can stably capture clear video images. Make sure you capture every beautiful moment perfectly.  Spy Geek's mini camera pen is super easy to use it only takes a few minutes to complete the setting, without any complicated setting or configuration. The main function can be realized with only one key. In standby mode, press the top button once to start recording the video, and then press again to end the the recording. When taking a photo, just press the top button twice in succession.

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